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You Can Do That In Here!

When you were a little kid, I'll bet you heard this phrase a few times - "You can't do that in here!" I know I heard it and I know that I've said it to my kids (more than a few times) but maybe that phrase has stuck in our brain as we moved along into our adult life...

One of the main things we hope to accomplish with "The Creative Spark" blog is to help you understand all of the things you can do in here as a renter inside the SnapJoy Studio. To make that happen, we'll be showing you a series of "pull backs" that take a finished scene and allow you to see what was used to create "the magic".

Photo Credit: Brittney Hubbel

1st - Here's the Magic!

This cutie had his photos taken recently at the studio by Brittney Hubbel where she utilized SnapJoy's "traditional" Christmas backdrop and the vintage green sofa to set up her subject. This was actually a very simple set-up since the only lighting required was the softbox she located to the right of her subject. The rest of the "magic" that makes this picture work so well is the large aperture setting Brittney used on her lens that produced a short depth of field, blurring out everything in front of and behind her subject.

Super Simple Set-up Scheme

2nd - Use the Diagram

As shown the diagram, this is how you would set up the studio to take a photo like Brittney's - easy peasy! Using the softbox without an on-camera flash gives this image a great informal look and I'll bet that the parents of this little guy are feeling pretty good about how this session turned out.

3rd - The Set-Up is Ready!

There are so many ways that you could take your picture using the "traditional Christmas" set-up (which is in the studio, ready to use) but great photos don't always require a lot of complexity, intricate lighting schemes or lengthy set-up efforts. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you'll need to quickly and efficiently pull together a few hours of "mini sessions" so you can take the pictures that will wow your customers while making decent money for your skill and effort.

You Know You Can!

So - What Are You Waiting For?

What is stopping you from taking advantage of our nice, warm, secure studio that is all stocked up with a full compliment of seasonally appropriate set-ups, back-drops and the lighting to make something special happen?

If you want to look around and understand everything that is available as a SnapJoy Studio renter, please contact us and we'll work out a tour - in person or virtually. We also have some online tutorials that will guide you in setting up the lighting and more videos on the way soon - let us help you expand your business and make more money as a studio photographer!

We think success "Takes a Village..."

SnapJoy Studio was created to be a resource to photographers who want to differentiate their work for everyone else and accomplish the things that brought them into the photography game to begin with. Having "Moxie" is a good place to start, but it takes more than Moxie to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The raison d'être of SnapJoy Studio is to be a partner in your success and this blog is dedicated to showing you how you can set yourself apart from "the masses". Please subscribe to ensure that you get our upcoming "tricks and tips" that will help you: 1) Grow Your Business

2) Improve The Quality of Your Work

3) Make More Money

4) Have More Fun Doing All of the Above!

Let's do this - together!

We're always ready to field your questions and interested in your

ideas - let's start a conversation!

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