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Winning - Summer Edition

We're more than half way through the Summer and we're heading for the month of August with all of its "sweat-through-your-clothes" heat, unpredictable weather and a wide variety of outdoor challenges - like ticks, spiders, mosquitoes & more. What's a photographer to do?

Come On In - It's Cool Inside!

While you obviously can't take a family's Lake Michigan sunset photo from inside the studio, there are so many other options you can do within the air conditioned comfort of SnapJoy's space - why not offer your clients some options? To make this easier and more affordable for you, we're lowering the studio rental costs until September 1st.

One super easy option is to use the studio as a starting off spot for a shoot that will later take advantage of the many beautiful outdoor spaces that within a couple of miles of SnapJoy. We have maps available if you're interested but there are dozens of amazing sites just minutes away. Take indoor shots while people are relaxed and cool and then end the session outdoors. Another option is to do the reverse - start outside and end inside. Your clients can bring a change of clothing and recover from the heat and if it's a family, the kids might be more compliant with the offer of a Tippy Cow ice cream treat (right next door) once the session is done!

We Built This For You!

SnapJoy Studio is dedicated to making you and your photography business more successful. Take advantage of our lighting, props, backdrops and convenient location to differentiate yourself from your competition. Also, (to state the obvious), more formal work, groups, babies and boudoir are difficult/impossible without a studio and we have everything you need to make those sessions a success.

Some people are intimidated by a studio. Off camera lighting, posing, the proper use of props or backdrops - we get it! That's why you can always ask questions and get comfortable before you use the studio - have you taken a tour lately?

So... What About Today?

Give us a call, send us an email, message us on Facebook - whatever... just take advantage of our super low rates for the rest of the Summer and do you - and your clients - a favor!

The raison d'être of SnapJoy Studio is to be a partner in your success and this blog is dedicated to showing you how to set yourself apart from "the masses". Please subscribe to ensure that you get our upcoming "tricks and tips" that will help you: 1) Grow Your Business

2) Improve The Quality of Your Work

3) Make More Money

4) Have More Fun Doing All of the Above!

Let's do this - together!

We're always ready to field your questions and interested in your

ideas - let's start a conversation!

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