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It's The New, New Thing!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Everything - not just fashion - goes in cycles. Things are "IN" and then they're "OUT" and it can be difficult to be on top of the cycles we need to navigate. Cycles happen with colors, they happen with furniture styles, they happen with hairstyles and music (Sea Shanties???) and - most importantly for us - photography!

Senior Photography?

When you think about "old school" Senior pictures, perhaps the photo on the left is what comes to mind... Back in the day, high schools brought in a photographer and everyone came with their "nice clothes" to change into. When it was their turn in the "studio" (set up in an available room for the day) they were posed just like everyone else and the results weren't very wonderful. Senior pictures in those days were not a statement of individuality or a reflection of the subject's unique qualities or personality - they were really just a "time stamp"...

What Came Next?

That cycle ended with the advent of the off-campus and "in the real world" type of Senior photographs that we are now all familiar with. These shoots usually involve lots of clothing changes, multiple locations and take a fair amount of time and money to make them happen. But these shooting styles are getting a little "tired" and reflect a lack of individuality as well, because the beaches to pose on begin to look little too similar and there are only so many graffiti laden walls to pose against...

So... What About Today?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, utilizing the SnapJoy Studio for Senior pictures can really open up your possibilities. Obviously, you need to give your client "what they want" but by showing them some of the options that can only be done in a studio setting, you can differentiate your offering from your competition.

Adding studio time to your Senior picture offering doesn't mean you won't do outdoor shots or city settings and don't forget - right around the SnapJoy Studio there are some pretty amazing parks and green spaces and even "graffiti walls" if that's what your student (or their parents) want.

Including SnapJoy Studio in your planning can also help make the use of your valuable time more efficient since it's not weather dependent and you can get the studio work done for sure and then do the outdoor shots either before or after your session time at SnapJoy - bonus!

Here's The Pitch

Consider offering your Seniors something different and special by doing studio work with them. In the studio, they are the focus of each shot, not the landscape or the backdrop and the you can unleash your creativity in a great, undisturbed and climate controlled environment - bonus again!

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