It Takes More Than Moxie...

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So you're a photographer now... so is everyone else these days! Go find a "Boomer" and they will tell you stories about the good-old-days when having a picture taken was a relatively rare, time consuming and expensive proposition. Back in the day, owning a decent camera was unusual, knowing how to use it was a truly arduous project. Photography was difficult and even a little "exclusive" - the average person went to someplace like Sears or Olan Mills or maybe they waited for a church directory to have family photos taken and the results were often less than spectacular..

Old School Family Portraits...

Today is a very different time...

Nearly everybody is walking around with a 12 megapixel camera (masquerading as a phone) in their pocket and the cost of a DSLR has continued to drop while their capabilities have only improved. Get on Facebook and look for a photographer - holy cow! Google "photographer" - I came up with "About 6,240,000,000 results (1.06 seconds)" so there's plenty of options out there for anyone who's looking. With so many photographers, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Why are you a photographer?

You probably started photography to:

Express your creativity

Bring some joy into the world

Start your own business

Earn some extra money

Create something beautiful

You've probably found that it's more difficult than it would appear to do those things and there's a constant "race to the bottom" for pricing that can be very demoralizing.

We think success "Takes a Village..."

SnapJoy Studio was created to be a resource to photographers who want to differentiate their work for everyone else and accomplish the things that brought them into the photography game to begin with. Having "Moxie" is a good place to start, but it takes more than Moxie to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The raison d'être of SnapJoy Studio is to be a partner in your success and this blog is dedicated to showing you how you can set yourself apart from "the masses". Please subscribe to ensure that you get our upcoming "tricks and tips" that will help you: 1) Grow Your Business

2) Improve The Quality of Your Work

3) Make More Money

4) Have More Fun Doing All of the Above!

Let's do this - together!

We're always ready to field your questions and interested in your

ideas - let's start a conversation!

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