We want you to be able to use the studio equipment with confidence so we've assembled an ever-growing guide for how to troubleshoot various tools that you might use.  

  • Common Problems - Helpful Hints

  • Studio A Trigger System - PocketWizard Plus X

  • Studio Strobes How-To

  • Studio B Trigger System

  • Where Are The Lights?

Studio A Trigger System - PocketWizard Plus X -

How To Use Studio STrobes

Studio B Trigger System

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Where Are The Lights?

When you walk in the door there is a light switch on the door frame directly to your left.  It is sometimes hidden by the curtains so you might need to push them aside to access the switch.  This switch activates the chandelier to your left which will light the studio enough for you to get in and around.  

The overhead lights are controlled by a switch that is in the back of the studio.  If you go down the hallway you'll see a doorway to your right that leads to the bathroom.  Directly underneath the Nest thermometer you'll find the switch that operates the fluorescent overhead lights.  We suggest turning these off once you're set up and ready to shoot as they tend to cast a yellow glow to the top of your subject's head and cheeks that you won't notice until post-processing.  

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